Mundi & Multisac Care About Your Personal Safety

October 05, 2020

MultiSac Handbags and Mundi Wallets Team Up to offer Personal Safety Gear!

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the total number of COVID-19 cases have reached 11,650,817 since January 21, 2020 (185,095 new cases). To get ahead of COVID-19 safely and in style… Mundi Wallets is thrilled to be forging a partnership with fashion-forward MultiSac Handbags to offer exclusive access to our incredible line of personal safety gear on the MultiSac website featuring face covers, hands-off tools, and UVC light technology—with only one ultimate goal in mind: to keep you as healthy as possible.

Stock up on Your Personal Safety Gear

Psychologist Carisa Parrish in a Johns Hopkins Medicine article, recommends keeping your personal safety gear on hand and easily available. While it can be difficult to grow accustomed to reaching for a face covering every day, this habit can become second nature if you keep your personal safety gear close by.

Fancy Face - Scarf Face Cover

You’re fancy, huh? Bet you’re not as fancy as this face cover. Or maybe this is right up your alley? This eco-friendly face cover is just waiting for someone worthy of its versatility and smooth material to wear while running errands or even to sashay around the house. Transform this scarf face cover from its original form to a loose scarf, tight scarf, or headband.

My Portable Protector Kit with UVC Light Cleaning

Be the ultimate protector against bacteria with UVC light technology that eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria. This portable kit allows you to clean anything that can fit inside, for instance, smartphones, checkbooks, pens, ear buds… the list goes on and on… This UVC light cleaning kit is also easily washable and comes with a power cord.

Socially Sure Kit

Finally, to cover all your bases, ensure your safety with the Socially Sure Kit. Featuring the basics that everyone should keep ready to go on hand in one simple kit, including 2 reusable and washable fashion face covers, 2 replacement filters, and a ‘Don’t Touch That’ multi-purpose touch tool hand.

Be hands-off!

In case you weren’t aware already, viruses can survive on most surfaces for several hours to even days and COVID-19 is no exception. That means touching door handles, clothing, countertops, furniture, and more could put you at risk, according to OSF HealthCare

While you should follow that golden advice, we also offer a double layer of protection against annoying door handles… consider a hands-off personal safety tool! 

Hands-Off Silicone Glove

This adorable and handy tool fits right onto your hand and protects you from touching bacteria-ridden surfaces. Featuring a 25-inch retractable key fob, this little accessory has two ribbed surfaces that allow you to grip surfaces and handles with ease. This hands-off tool allows you to be hands-on with dirty touch keypads, faucets, ATMs, door handles, push doors, elevators, drawers, toilet handles, and lids all with extra protection!

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