Ways to Run Essential Errands During COVID-19

July 23, 2020

Ways to run essential errands during COVID-19 | Mundi Wallets

Staying at home is no longer a luxury, instead it has become a necessity as the United States and other countries around the world are fighting against the spread of COVID-19. But what happens when you wake up in the morning and mosey on over to the refrigerator only to discover that your shelves are BARE?

This is where running essential errands come into play. Regardless of whether your state is in lockdown or not—you still have to eat—either by picking up contact-less takeout from your local restaurant or visiting your grocery store. It’s crucial to be conscientious of not only your own health but of everyone else’s safety too.

The CDC offers guidelines on how to prevent the spread of COVID-19 while going to the grocery store, picking up takeout, visiting the bank, or refueling on gas. Mundi’s new line of personal safety fashion will ensure that you’re following the rules—in style.

Keep your mouth covered

It’s always smart to protect yourself by wearing a cloth mask, but more importantly, you’re acknowledging other people’s safety in the event that you may be asymptomatic. With millions of people around the world recommended to wear a face mask, of course, some hilarious and eye-catching mask fashion trends were born.

From masks entering the market with clever sayings and images to ones that are plain and simply ‘get the job done.’ We created a mask that makes a statement via couture-inspired design. Turn your mask into the star of the show and go for the scarf mask. Mundi’s Fancy Face versatile scarf face mask can be worn as a mask, scarf, or headband!

Elegant, light, and flowing. If people are only getting dressed up to go to the grocery store then make the produce aisle your runway with this fabulous (and protective) fashion accessory.

Disinfect till you can’t detect

Did you know your short trip to the grocery store involves dozens of touch points where you could be putting your health at risk? Think about it—you’re touching the shopping cart and handling your cash or credit card at the checkout. Yikes! Being able to sanitize your hands is non-negotiable after being out in the world—we all know that.

But what about your phone? Or your individual credit cards? When was the last time you sterilized the objects that you touch every day? You’re taking germs from the grocery store into your home by not properly separating and sterilizing them.

If you’re already taking the time to wipe down your belongings while you’re cleaning your hands that’s great! But what if there were an easier solution to sanitizing your items without getting them wet with overly-saturated disinfectant wipes and reducing your carbon footprint? Because the amount of waste from throwing away multiple wipes a day can be detrimental to the environment, UVC light is an environmentally-friendly solution.

A treat for yourself

Mundi is currently in the works of manufacturing a fashionable line of personal safety gear to ease your peace of mind and quench your trendsetting thirst. My Body Guards are perfect for any circumstance. For those residing in re-opened states, these items will ensure that your trips around town are safer and germ-free.

These wallets and clutches are also ideal for staying organized at home! It’s not just COVID-19 this line protects against, but also the bacterium lingering on your small personal belongings at home. Combat the germs that breed on your cell phone from day-to-day use with UVC light protection.

UVC light steals the show

BBC reported that “since the finding in 1878, artificially produced UVC has become a staple method of sterilization – one used in hospitals, airplanes, offices, and factories every day. Crucially, it’s also fundamental to the process of sanitizing drinking water; some parasites are resistant to chemical disinfectants such as chlorine, so it provides a failsafe.”

Essentially the integration of UVC light in women’s clutches is a helpful additional practice, but not to be replaced by wearing a mask and social distancing (of course). Although there aren’t enough studies to confirm whether UVC eradicates COVID-19 specifically. There is evidence that is it possible, mostly depending on the “shape and type of material the virus was on.”

Let’s think optimistically about the future re-opening of the rest of the United States by investing in our own personal safety gear.

2020 fashion essentials during COVID-19

Protect yourself while expressing yourself with personal safety fashion.

Germ-free and fashion-forward, My Secret Cleaning Clutch is the well-loved Mundi clutch 2.0. The must-have clutch for your essential errands. What’s extra special about the My Secret Sanitizer Clutch is its germ and bacteria-killing capabilities, up to 99.9% with a built-in UVC light powered by an external USB battery. The battery charger is not included.

Its discreet pocket can sterilize your cell phone, credit cards, cash, and more. You could also slide in your face mask to get rid of any bacteria.

Or maybe a wristlet is more your style? ‘Swing’ all of the amazing features of the clutch around your wrist with the My Personal Purifier Wristlet.

The important takeaway is that you’re keeping the items closest to your body germ-free.

Stay on the cutting-edge

As part of our personal safety initiative, Mundi also wants to keep your information safe through their women’s wallets. Aside from public health, another crisis we’re facing is the on-going issue of identity and credit card theft.

We’ve learned from the past several months that it’s always better to be prepared and with all of the attention on COVID-19 you should aim to keep your personal information safe and locked down—just like you are!

Spacious, stylish, with built-in privacy liner shields and RFID protection—we say ‘yeah, good luck’ to those trying to access your personal protected information through Mundi’s Big Fat Wallet.

We’re in this together

From personal safety fashion to RFID protection, Mundi has thought of it all with your best interest in mind. Wallets and purses should only make your life more organized and with the world’s current state of affairs, we understand how for many… life has been turned upside down.

That’s why we believe if anything should have some structure—why not your purse?


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