Why UVC (Ultraviolet C)

What is UVC

UV-C is one of many electromagnetic frequencies emanating from the sun. To synthesize this frequency, a glass tube is evacuated and refilled with argon at far below atmospheric pressure. Added to this is a small amount of mercury. When the mixture is energized (excited) it creates a glowing plasma of electrons that pass through the mercury vapor. As they strike mercury atoms, a mercury electron is liberated at a frequency representative of mercury’s spectral line, which is 253.7nm. The dominant emission (>90%) from these lamps is UV-C energy. The "C" frequency of the electromagnetic UV family has, amongst other things, germicidal effects.

Why you should care about UVC

Contaminated surfaces are everywhere. Especially in today's environment being aware of what could be carrying germs, bacteria or viruses is critical when trying to stay safe and healthy. Whether you need a second line of defense, or an alternative to chemicals or liquids UVC light is a great alternative.