Fancy Face - Scarf Face Cover


$13.99 USD

Red, White, and Blue
Pink Flowers
Red and White Flowers
Blue and Pink Flowers
Yellow, White, and Red

Features + Benefits

Who said you can't look good while wearing a face cover? Available in five different prints, the Fancy Face - Scarf Face Cover is a perfect mixture of fashion and comfort. Not only can it be used as a face cover, but it can also be worn as a loose scarf, tight scarf, or headband. The Fancy Face - Scarf Face Cover is where functionality and fashion meet.

About the Fancy Face - Scarf Face Cover:


  • 2 scarf face covers
  • 2 replaceable filters
  • Reusable TSA approved pouch
  • Adjustable Ear Toggles

Eco Friendly

Each cover can be hand washed and used numerous times.


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