Socially Sure Kit With Face Masks - Filters - Don't Touch That Tool

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Our Socially Sure Kit with Face Masks allows you to be safe and healthy throughout your day. Two fabric face masks, a don’t touch that multi-purpose touch tool and two replacement filters for you mask. These masks also have adjustable metal molding around the nose for a better fit. If you feel the need to change your filter in your mask you can easily do so with one of the 2 extra filters in this kit. Along with the masks, the multi-purpose touch tool allows you to keep your hands off of the dirty surfaces you encounter every day. Whether it be a door handle or ATM machine our touch tool keeps your hands clean and body safe from any germs on public surfaces.

Each Kit Includes:

  • 2 Reusable and Washable Fashion Face Masks with Adjustable Metal Molding Around Nose Area for Better Fit and Sleeve for Filter,
  • 2 Replacement Filters 
  • Don’t Touch That, Multi-Purpose Touch Tool Hand

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