Want More Accessories? Check Out Some Of Our Other Brands!

Want More Accessories? Check Out Some Of Our Other Brands!

Spring Cleaning With Women's Organizer Wallets

March 04, 2021

Spring Cleaning With Ladies Organizer Wallets

‘Tis the time of the year when we try to regain control of our lives by organizing our closets and giving our homes a healthy dose of spring cleaning. Before we get into the big spring cleaning jobs, let’s start small and work our way up. 

Just like a closet overflowing with clothes and accessories, a disorganized handbag or wallet stuffed to the gills with papers, bills, and more is a stress trigger. Plus, you carry your wallet and handbag with you everywhere you go, so if that’s unorganized, it’s only going to lead to more areas in your life being unorganized. 

We’ve dreaded doing this for so long. What truly lies in the deepest layers of our handbag and wallet? I guess it’s about time we find out! 

Lighten Your Wallet—Literally!

Is your wallet or bag brimming with receipts, crumbled papers, business cards from decades ago? Is it hard to find what you are looking for in your handbag? How about your wallet?

If the answer to either of the above questions is yes, you need to direct your spring cleaning motivation toward your handbag and invest in an organizer wallet (or an organizer handbag) ASAP! However, a wallet organizer doesn’t mean a boring old folder that you’d be afraid of pulling out when you are hanging around your friends. 

Our wallets and handbags are not only made with functionality in mind, but with fashion in mind too. Be proud to whip out your wallet or handbag in front of your friends as they envy you for being fashionably organized.

We kicked off this year with a new year’s resolution to help our customers get organized. We’re here to follow up with that resolution and provide you with a few options to help you get organized for spring. 

Here are our top picks for the trendiest ladies organizer wallets looks, served hot off the runways for your fashion feasting!

Ravishing in Red!

Want to upgrade your nude and black monochromatic looks by giving them a glamorous nudge? The gorgeously sleek Rio Leather Clutch is just the accessory to add a serious dose of minimalistic glitz to our ensemble. The gorgeous but functional organizer wallet sports 16 credit card pockets, 4 long utility pockets, and 2 cash accordion snap closed pockets. The clutch is lined with our patented Safe Keeper RFID blocking technology, adding another layer of security against information theft.

The Only Wallet You’ll Ever Need!

It all comes down to what you want from your wallet or bag? Do you prefer a slim and slender design or are you a person who needs to carry other items, apart from cash, as well as multiple documents like driver’s ID? Made with a vegan leather exterior and a recycled plastic interior, our Big Fat Wallet has a timeless classic appeal that will work for everyone!

The larger shape makes it easier to spot in deeper handbags while 7 credit card pockets, 2 picture pockets, 3 large horizontal pockets, and 2 accordion pockets give it ample storage room. 

We understand that not everyone wants to throw their wallet in a handbag. That’s why this stylish wallet comes with a wristlet, making this lovely accessory a handy way to organize your life on the go!

The Multitasker!

There are plenty of us out there who don’t want to carry anything in hand as we move about! How about investing in a versatile accessory that can readily transform from a crossbody bag to a wristlet,  clutch, or belt bag. 

Sporting an adjustable strap and a snap button flap, the Kimberly Crossbody Bag is just the bag for those of us who can’t decide on what to carry along or to leave behind. You can style it as a crossbody bag when you are hanging out with your girls or carry it as a clutch to dress up your outfit.

On The Go

We all know how smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. While it is cumbersome to carry one in your hands as you move around, having your phone by your side is necessary to overcome your fear of missing out.

Jacqui Cell Phone Wallet is a handy solution to your digital dilemma! With an accessible outer pocket to get your phone right when you need it and plenty of organized storage slots, this bag comes with both a wristlet and crossbody strap to dress it the way you need it!

Need something similar, but you just want a different style? Our Cornelia Cell Phone Crossbody Bag, with a removable wristlet and crossbody strap, is the ideal accessory to keep your phone close by and your hands-free.

Let’s Get Organized!

Which of these bags is your savior? With so many styles, colors, and options available, we have an organizer wallet for everyone. It up to you to decide what will work best for you and your lifestyle.

Remember, when it comes to organizing, start small (with your wallet and handbag), and then work your way up to the bigger messes in your life. Solve your organizational predicaments and keep that spring cleaning going!


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