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Want More Accessories? Check Out Some Of Our Other Brands!

Best Extra Large Wallets for Women

July 10, 2021

Best Extra Large Wallets for Women by Mundi Wallets

Wallets are an essential part of everyday carry for almost all people, regardless of age or gender. Our wallets are what keep the most important things to us organized and safe. We stow credit cards, debit cards, ID’s and driver’s licenses, cash and coins, library cards, membership cards, coupons, and tons more. Some even include small photos of family and loved ones in their wallets, which is a testament to how important these pocketbooks are to us as a species. 

For women, wallets can be even more than an important organizational tool. They can be major fashion statements. Stylish pocketbooks, particularly large scale ones, can be used to accessorize your outfit in addition to holding your belongings for safe keeping.

Wristlet Wallets

Extra large women’s wallets are extremely useful accessories. This size wallet Mundi Wallets - My Big Fat Wallet - Wristletcan come in numerous styles, with some of the most popular being wristlet wallets and clutch wallets. Wristlet wallets come with a strap—which is often detachable—so that the user can casually wear it around their wrist. 

This style can be especially appropriate in less formal situations, like running out to the grocery for a few items, hitting the mall with your friends, or if you’re headed to the gym and prefer to minimize what you’re carrying with you.

Clutch Wallets 

Clutch wallets are larger, longer wallets and often have either a center clasp or a zipper as a means of fastening. This style of wallet can definitely be dressed up, and you’ll often see a clutch style wallet in the hands of celebrities and other women attending special events, where a purse may not be appropriate or even necessary.

Though extra large wallets may seem small if you’re used to carrying around a full sized handbag, they are oh-so-mighty when it comes to the amount they can carry and keep organized. If you’re looking for a wristlet wallet, trifold wallet, or a clutch wallet that’s a bit larger in scale, here are some of the best ones on the market.

For the Woman On The Go: The Bold Vegan Leather Wristlet

Mundi Wallets - My Big Fat WalletWristlet wallets are some of the most mobile women’s accessories you can find. These small but mighty pocketbooks are like a mini handbag, only better. Our My Big Fat Wallet is the perfect extra large size wallet for women who like to simplify their everyday carry without compromising on internal space.

This 7.5 inch by 4.5 inch vegan leather wallet comes in a wristlet style for simplistic carrying. Just sling it on your wrist and go! If you prefer to sport it as a clutch, no worries. The wristlet strap is easily removable for an easy design that flexes to your needs. 

Don’t let the sleek silhouette and simple fold over design fool you, though. My Big Fat Wallet has seven card slots, multiple pockets, dual ID windows and an RFID security shield, so your cards and sensitive information stays safe in your wallet. This wallet is spacious and organized, so you’ll never have to wonder where any of your cards or important items are.

My Big Fat Wallet is also ideal for women who don’t stray from bold colorways and prints. This wristlet wallet comes in multiple different colors and patterns, so there’s sure to be a wallet that matches your unique style. Or, if versatility is more your thing, get a few so you can match all your different outfits and moods.

For the Woman Who Likes Everything in Its Place: The Clutch That’s Big on Organization

We all have that friend—or perhaps are that friend—who needs to have everything in its place. Sometimes, organization can be incredibly calming. Don’t worry, we have you covered with the File Master Clutch. It has tons of pockets and card slots but features a sleek shape, so you can stay organized without a clunky look. 

This women’s clutch features 13 individual card slots, various additional pockets Mundi Wallets - File Master Clutchincluding two gusset pockets and two slip pockets, two ID window slots, and has RFID safe keeper technology so you can store your cards with peace of mind. The file master is also a trifold wallet, meaning it folds out into three sections, each with its own impressive level of organizational pockets and slots. 

You’ll never worry about having enough space or about each individual item having its own spot in your wallet. The File Master makes true on its name; it is a master of filing and organizing your belongings.

Similar to the My Big Fat Wallet, the File Master Clutch comes in multiple different colorways including solid colors and unique patterns, so you can stay organized but never be bored with your style. 

For the Woman With Sophisticated Style: The Classic and Durable Snap Closure Clutch

Some women prefer a simple and sophisticated design in neutral, classic colors. For that, we recommend the Rio Leather Clutch RFID Wallet

Mundi Wallets - Rio Leather ClutchThe Rio Clutch is elegant and understated, but never underestimated. These classy clutches come with a whopping 16 credit card slots, two ID window slots, four utility pockets, two cash accordion pockets, and a seamless snap closure. That means you’ll have room for all your cards, coupons, and cash, as well as additional utility pockets for items like checks or grocery lists.

This leather clutch wallet also includes our patented Safe Keeper RFID blocking technology that provides you security against anyone attempting to steal your personal information with an RFID reader. The Rio Clutch is the perfect wallet for a woman who wants one, go-to, beautiful clutch that will accentuate any outfit and will be an absolute workhorse of organization and durability.

There’s A Wallet For Everyone

Women’s extra large wallets are some of the best accessories to invest in. With so many styles, you’re sure to find something to complement your wardrobe. If you’re not a purse or handbag user, or if you’re more of a minimalist when it comes to your everyday carry, a large wallet could be a great option. 

We have numerous options for extra large women’s wristlets, clutches, and trifolds, so you can find the perfect purse companion or standalone wallet for your lifestyle. If you’re not into wallets, check out our wallet crossbody bag crossovers for crossbody bags that pack a punch with multiple pockets, credit card slots, RFID protection, and more!

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