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Protect Your Information This Holiday Season

November 11, 2021 2 Comments

Protect Your Information This Holiday Season - A woman in a white top and jeans holds her pink blazer over her shoulder as she sits down on a stone wall. In her lap rests our Wine Madame Secretary Leather Clutch Wallet.

If the deal seems too good to be true—it probably is. In this day and age, you can never be too careful. From online shopping to rummaging around sales racks at the store, there are scammers out there looking to steal your credit card information, identity, and more. Stay cheery this holiday season and avoid becoming a victim of fraud by being aware of these different holiday scams when out holiday shopping for Black Friday deals.

Be Wary of Identity Theft…

Any sort of scam or theft will leave most victims feeling powerless—it’s a very emotional event that even the most prepared person can fall prey to. An Experian article states, “nearly one quarter—24%—of survey respondents reported being a victim of identity theft or fraud during the holidays, according to Experian’s survey.” Meaning 1 unlucky person is likely to have their holiday season ruined by a thief. 

RFID Scanning Scams

Debit or credit? There’s a question most people are familiar with. While everyone seems to carry one or the other on their person at all times; what a scary thought that someone could steal your account numbers and other Protect your information with an RFID phone wallet.information just by walking past you? No ‘swipe’ needed. 

Scammers are able to steal this info “from cards that contain RFID—radio frequency identification—chips,” according to AARP. “The chips transmit data a short distance through the air when activated by an external electromagnetic signal, making it possible for you to pay for something just by waving your card in front of a sensor.” 

When the scammer walks by they can whip out their device and immediately steal your info through your purse or wallet and download the stolen info straight onto their own personal devices for ‘safekeeping.’

What Do They Do with My Information?

According to Better Business Bureau, not only can a scammer sell your information but “a scammer can take over your identity and commit a wide range of crimes. They are capable of making false applications for loans and credit cards, withdrawing money from your bank account, or obtaining services.” 

There’s a lot of damage a thief can do with your identity information; however, there are ways to protect yourself from joining that unfortunate 24% when holiday shopping—invest in an RFID crossbody bag or wallet.

Katie Crossbody Bag

She’s down to earth and looks fabulous in every color—meet the Katie Crossbody Bag ($17.95). This RFID crossbody bag will come in handy when scouring Black Friday deals and steering clear of holiday scams.

Mundi Wallets - RFID Protected Katie Crossbody WalletAvailable in multiple colors and styles, there’s a Katie Crossbody for everyone. This posh bag includes 12 credit card pockets, an interior zippered pocket for loose change or fortune cookie fortunes, 2 accordion pockets for cash, 4 large interior pockets for other essentials, and an outside pocket for extra receipts. Keep your things secure with its snap button closure and your information safe with its RFID protection technology.

How to Protect Yourself

A great first step in protecting your information is to look into purchasing RFID-blocking devices. You might be wondering, how do they work? In an article by TracSoft, they explain that “RFID blocking wallets work by blocking the electromagnetic field surrounding RFID documents.” 

This way, the ‘skimmers’ i.e. thieves won’t receive a signal from you and your information is safe. Now let’s take a look at our RFID Crossbody Bags and RFID Passport Wallets.

Heather Organizer Clutch

Meet the sophisticated upper east side sister, the nylon smart Heather Organizer Clutch ($16.95). Stash your cash, credit cards, and ID in its 16 card pockets, 1 ID window, 2 zipper pockets, and 4 additional pockets. There’s enough space to Mundi Wallets - Heather Organizer Clutch Wallet with RFID Protectioncarry your keys, chapstick, hair ties, and more. 

Best of all, this beaut features Mundi’s patented Safe Keeper RFID blocking technology. Be stylish and safe with this little number in tow!

Protect Your Passport

Whether you’re traveling with the family this holiday season or sending a beloved family member on a vacation they’ll never forget as a gift—everyone must maintain their identity safety measures. Your passport is an extremely important piece of your identity and if its information falls into the wrong hands; that would really throw a damper on the vacation. Protect your passport by looking into our RFID passport wallets.

My Big Fat Wallet

We all love a big fat wallet, especially when it’s filled with goodies (or cash). Introducing our Big Fat Wallet ($16.95), available now in Plaid, Pewter, Red, Black, Mundi Wallets - My Big Fat Wallet with RFID Protection Brown Sugar, and Purple. Stow your credit cards, passport, and other belongings in its 7 slots, ID window, 2 picture pockets, 3 large horizontal pockets, 2 zipper pockets, and 2 accordion pockets. This wallet also includes a recycled interior liner made from 2 recycled water bottles. 

Madame Secretary Leather Clutch

Another great wallet for traveling is our Madame Secretary Leather Clutch ($24.95). Featuring an RFID Safe Keeper and recycled interior liner, this jumbo leather clutch contains 19 credit card pockets, a removable checkbook cover and ID window, a zippered coin pocket, and 2 zipper pockets. Your credit cards, ID, and passport will remain safe in this gorgeous clutch; available in Wine, Cognac, or Black colors.

One Last Thing

When it comes to preventing fraud or stolen identities, one can never be too careful. Especially with technology increasing at this rate, it’s become easier for thieves to hack into our information. Thankfully, we have the technology to combat this with our RFID Safe Keeper. Keeping you and your loved ones’ identifies safe this holiday season.


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Judith Baker
Judith Baker

December 15, 2021

They look awesome.

Lyla Schleider
Lyla Schleider

November 19, 2021

Great ideal especially now a days.

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